3-D Events is an event agency operating in Italy. We plan, realize, comunicate and manage exclusive and refined events, with a particular focus on Southern Tuscany and Maremma.

3-D Events is not just a name, it is a concept and our philosophy. Founded on the belief that every event needs to be unique, the core of the agency is represented by three ‘D’: DETAILS, DESIGN and DIFFERENCE. Alongside it  is given a great value to tridimensionality, focusing on outward, conceptual and emotional aspect of each happening.

From small to large events, from MICE to private events, from intimate soirèe to gala dinners, individual solutions are supplied, tailored to suit every customer requirement, thanks to the collaboration with unconventional and unique venues and renowned and professional vendors.

For the most discerning clients looking for ‘something different’ which reflects their personalities and  brands, 3-D Events develops your vision creating a unique occasion underpinned by flawless execution.
Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.  (Leonardo da Vinci)
Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.
(Tate Linden)
Difference: the quality that makes one person or thing unlike another.
(Definition on  MacMillan English dictionary)
Whether you are planning a wedding in a beautiful villa or in a country wine resort, in a private space or a farmhouse, 3-D Events specializes in designing bespoke events creating unforgettable experiences for you and for your guests.

From provision of single service to a complete package, our agency will assist you and craft every last detail reflecting your own unique luxurious sense of style.

We are keen to start planning your big day,
Anniversaries, Birthdays, Rehearsal Dinners, Family Reunions... or any other celebration.

3-D Events will develop your vision, inspire you and devise the best solutions making your particular occasion an extraordinary success.

We create and deliver events combining imagination with long time of experience producing extraordinary  happenings.

Each concept we create is truly tailored: our philosophy is built on understanding  your company and brand,  your audience, your budget and your objectives; then we deliver a solution.

  -  Meetings
  -  Conferences & Conventions
Incentive & Destination Meetings
Team Building
  -  Executive retreats

We will work closely and cohesively  with you to create inspiring events.

Choosing the right location is one of the most delicate decisions to face when planning an event, as the best venue can be critical to the event's success. Big importance have not only the spaces but the approach and the quality of services offered to clients.

For this reason, 3-D Events selected some luxury and boutique venues where is granted a professional and tailored approach for your event and journey. Unique settings, detailed locations for a tailored and unforgettable experience.

3-D Events is an event agency with a long experience of Event and Project Management, working for International companies of different field - financial, institutional, tv production, hospitality. We collaborate with trusted and experienced partners covering a wide range of specialties.

PERSONALIZED SERVICES: We strongly believe that each event is a reflection of the client’s personal style and flair. At 3-D Events we appreciate differences and love providing bespoke services and support for each client. The key element of all special events is their uniqueness: each one will be different.

EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE: as Event professionals our aim is to deliver flawless and successful events. We have the experience and expertise to work with all the issues associated with managing an event, saving you both time and money and tackling any type of emergency situation with ease.

CONTACTS: We have selected suppliers who meet great expectations in regard to service and price, providing all you will need for a successful event.

PRESENCE & KNOWLEDGE OF THE TERRITORY: Our clients benefit from our connections and knowledge of the territory, optimising event planning processes.
3-D EVENTS  Event Agency  VAT 01558500532
your vision, our expertise

Event Marketing is an important element of the Marketing Communication Mix for any company or brand to raise brand's profile and public awareness, as it enables to speak directly to the audience.
We create and execute quality marketing strategies for your company, brand or product, identifying your goals, and realize the most suitable Event.
Our specialization:

  -  Experential Events to create a closer bond between the consumers and the brand by immersing them in a memorable experience.

  -  Launch of Products/Services: events are critical for the successful market introduction of some products/Services

  -  Networking Events: they provide ample opportunity for brand positioning, contact establishment, future mergers, and personal marketing.